May 1, 2019

Why client surveys are important and what you should be asking

Do you send out client surveys? I’ll admit, I never did until this year (thank you Dubsado for making this process so easy!)

As a self-confessed people pleaser, I guess I’ve always been a little worried about what might come back. But constructive feedback is always so valuable for your business and personal growth.

For service based business, client feedback is even more important than that of a product based business (although you should be asking your customers for product reviews if you are not already ) Because potential clients want to know about peoples experience with you before they invest their money.

There should never be ‘bad’ surprises…

When I worked in schools, we had a rule about reports…there should be no surprises! If a child was struggling or falling behind, teachers should have already addressed these issues with the parents during the term.

Therefore the same concept applies with these client surveys. You shouldn’t be surprised with the feedback that comes back to you. Any issues should have been either dealt with before you finished up with the client or you should at the very least already be aware of them.

The surveys I have received back have been positive, and the few comments for improvement are things I was already aware of.

Use them after a purchase, contract end, course or workshop (anytime you provide a product or service for your clients).

What should you be asking in these surveys? Here is a list of 10 questions to get you started:

  1. I clearly understood what was required of me as a client
  2. Did our service meet your expectations?
  3. I found [insert your system i.e. Trello or Asana] easy to use
  4. What were the best parts about working with [insert business name]
  5. Would could be done to improve [insert business name] services
  6. How likely are you to recommend [insert business name] services?
  7. I was kept up-to-date and and informed at all times
  8. How were you feeling before [service] before working with [insert business name]
  9. How do you feel about [service] after working with [insert business name]
  10. Any additional feedback / comments?

This is also the PERFECT time to ask for a client review to use on your website / socials etc.

How do you feel about client surveys? Do you use them in your business?

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