What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

Why would you consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)? As a small business owner myself, I struggle with the idea of giving up any control I have over my business. 

However there comes a time when reality hits and we realise we cannot do it all! I am lucky that I have someone else in the business with me at Little Miss Lorraine, as even though I do the majority of the admin, we share the load when it comes to creating. Knowing how much of my time is spent on admin (website updates, adding listings, social media, newsletters, orders etc.) I started to think about how other people manage to juggle the creating & admin side of things when they are doing it by themselves. 

This is where a Virtual Assistant can help you. I specialise in small creative businesses because I understand how time consuming the admin side of things can become and how much it takes you away from your core business.   

Here are some reasons why you should hire a VA 

  • You do not need to provide an office space. As our services are offered online, we are able to work wherever suits us which means you are not paying extra overheads. 
  • There are no ‘extra’ costs like sick leave, holidays, superannuation etc.  
  • We only bill you for the hours we are actually working on your business 

I have had feedback from my clients on how much they have appreciated being able to hand over jobs to me that they have either been putting off or have not had a chance to get to. For some, it has allowed them more time to spend with their kids, for others, it means not having to worry about when they will get a chance to schedule their social media. 

A Virtual Assistant can take over time consuming tasks such as 

  • Data Entry 
  • Email management 
  • Social Media 
  • SEO 
  • Newsletter
  • Product listing maintenance
  • Creating / redoing your website
  • & more! 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the admin side of your business – get in touch! I would love to chat about how we can make things easier for you. 

Jessica xx


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