Jan 29, 2021

Welcome to the Lorraine Virtual Blogcast!

Hello and welcome to the Lorraine Virtual Blogcast. My name is Jessica and I am the founder of Lorraine Virtual, a website and digital marketing boutique based in Adelaide, South Australia. 

What exactly is a Blogcast? Well, it’s essentially my blogs in spoken form! I know everyone likes to consume content differently, so I wanted to make sure I have it available on all platforms. 

If you click through to each episode page, you will be able to read the blog or watch it on YouTube. 

You’ll find tips and wisdoms relating to websites and email marketing. 

I’m so excited to bring this content to you! Make sure you subscribe for new episodes. You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest all under Lorraine Virtual. 

Until next time! Have a fabulous week. 

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