Top 7 Elements of a High Converting Service Page


Having a well-laid service page is critical in keeping your customer's attention and stopping them from bouncing off your site and back into Google. You should have several key elements on your service pages to enhance the user experience, leading to better-qualified leads and more sales. Let’s take a look at them:

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    Introduce your service

    A quick introduction is an essential first step and is often overlooked. People may be visiting your website for the first time and want reassurance that they are in the right place. Use between 50-75 words to summarise your service and who it’s best suited for.


    List the Key Benefits

    This is best done in dot points, which make it easier for people to consume. People will be skimming over your website, and you need to grab their attention and showcase your service’s key benefits.


    How It works

    Never assume people will know how the process works in dealing with your business. Outline this in 3-4 succinct steps that illustrate how easy your process is.



    Not everyone likes to have pricing showing, but we always recommend it! This is another great filter to stop tyre kicker leads from getting in touch and wasting your time with unrealistic budgets. A starting from price is a great place to start. This gives you flexibility and reassures the customer they aren't wasting their time either!



    A highlight video is a great way to grab attention. It’s a powerful media that draws on people's emotions and help’s them visualise what they could experience if they use your service. This will give your business and service added credibility.


    Testimonials are usually one of the last things on the page and are often the final check box many people need to tick before reaching out. Often people will have that lingering doubt if your business and service are legit. Genuine testimonials from real people will squash any doubt and give the user a shot of confidence. Adding a photo to go along with the testimonial only amplifies the testimonals credibility!



    The most commonly overlooked and completely underrated element to a good service page is FAQ’s!! We can't say this enough, but FAQs are absolutely gold for everyone involved. Let’s look at the benefits for both parties. 

    The User:

    • Able to find the answer to a question without needing to read huge volumes of text 
    • Removes any lingering doubt they may have or are feeling nervous about
    • Removes the awkwardness of feeling like they are asking a dumb question

    The Business Owner:

    • Reduces the need to answer the same questions continually 
    • It saves you time and frees up your inbox 
    • Further qualifies and educates your potential customer before they ever reach out
    • A great place to put longer answers to questions without your page looking super copy heavy and overwhelming
    • A great place to put additional keywords and supporting keywords to improve your organic site traffic. 

    The FAQs should be placed in an accordion and always down the bottom of the page. If your client has made it this far, they should be a highly qualified lead worthy of your time and effort.


    Having these core elements as part of your service page plays a huge role when it comes to user experience on your website. Your aim should be to answer any questions your potential client might have without them needing to leave your service page.

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