Oct 17, 2018

Secrets for a Successful Trello Set Up

If you have been following me for a while you will know how much I love Trello! I use it for my own business organisation, but most importantly, I use it with my clients to organise tasks and communication (for me and them )

One thing I hear a lot from people about Trello is they don’t know where to begin. I totally understand this because I was exactly the same when I first discovered it a few years ago!

So today I thought I’d share my secret to a successful set up on Trello…



…so you are telling me I have to plan my planning system

Okay bear with me! I promise it will be worth your while to spend a little bit of time of time planning before getting stuck in.

Let’s start with a quick explanation as to what Trello is and how it works.

In a nutshell, Trello is an organisational system that uses boards, lists and cards to organise tasks, events, projects, client work – even fabric (I did start but it turns out I have a lot…maybe another day!)


Boards are used to house lists and cards. So you might have a board for your own business, a board for a client, a board for social media management etc.


Lists are the columns on the boards that house cards. You might set these up as Monday – Friday, Quotes to use, Current & past clients etc.


Cards are the sections on lists where you can create tasks, to do lists, notes etc.

So the first thing we want to do before jumping in to creating our boards, lists and cards is to brainstorm what we want to include and how to set it out.

Enter the mind map!!

Grab a bit of paper and a pen and let’s get mapping (okay yep, I did just say that) This doesn’t have to be neat at all as really you are brain-dumping your ideas.

So. start off by popping your business in the centre of the page. From here you want to list out all the main sections or things you want to include on your Trello. These will be the boards. Underneath them list all the things that relate to that section and any sub sections. These will be the lists and cards.

Once you have finished this, grab another bit of paper and take one of those sections and write it at the top of your page. Underneath that in columns, write the subsections underneath (is it starting to look like a board now?!) continue this for all of the sections you have.

Now for the exciting part – creating your boards in Trello!

All you need to do from here is use your mind map and board planner to set up and create your boards, lists and cards in Trello exactly the way you want!

Can you see now why taking a little bit of time to plan before hand will make your set up in Trello more successful??

One thing I really want to stress to you is to not feel like this is how you have to have them set up forever. Like any aspect of your business, try it out or a little while and every-so-often sit down and reevaluate what is working and what is not and how you can change it to make your work flow even smoother!!

Looking for some free templates to get you started? Head on over to Wave VA Studio where the lovely Abby has created 8 Trello Board Templates for you to download! She also shares her experiences and set up over on her blog. I came across these a few months ago and use her client template (with a few tweaks to suit my biz) for all my clients. MORE FREEBIES PLEASE!

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