How to rename your images & increase your websites SEO

SEO. Everyone tells you how important it so you will be seen by search engines, however it can seem like an overwhelming concept. Today I wanted to share with you an easy way to increase your websites SEO by simply renaming your images before you upload them.

When I say rename your images, I don’t just mean a simple name like ‘leaf-cushion’ for the photo above. I am talking more along the lines of ‘tropical-leaf-print-envelope-cushion.’ The more descriptive you can be about a photo the better chance it has of being found.

Try and keep the main subject of the photo (in this instance, the Tropical Print) at the beginning of the description and follow up with a few descriptive words. Also ensure you use hyphens between the words not spaces or under scores.

Google searches for these key words when someone types a search into Google not the images themselves so this is why renaming your image is so important for increasing your website SEO.

The easiest thing to do is to rename the photos at the time of uploading / editing. This will save you so much time later down the track.

Another reason to rename your images is it makes it so much easer to search through them, which should increase your productivity as you are not spending 10 minutes trying to find 1 photo.

Don’t expect, however. that doing this will increase your SEO the next day. They say to allow a few months to really see the results.

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