New Ecommerce Website

Accessible, high quality hearing solutions.
Value for money OTC Hearing Aids (Hearing Enhancers) and supporting products.


New Ecommerce Website

Jason from Hear It Now was looking for a clean, modern, simple website for his newest venture Hear It Now. They sell value for money OTC Hearing Aids (hearing enhancers) which are a first step tool for hearing loss before you need to invest in more expensive custom hearing solutions.

The Hear it Now team have plans to implement more sophisticated software later down the track so we decided WordPress would be the most flexible option.

The website needed to have the ability to

  • sell their value for money OTC hearing aids (hearing enhancers)s
  • sell the accompanying accessories
  • have customers agree to a set of conditions before purchase
  • compare the different OTC hearing aid styles and bundles
  • provide information on Hear It Now partners for more customised hearing requirements
  • provide information on OTC hearing aids and how to use/maintain them

What I completed for Hear It Now

Custom WordPress Website

Set up of Ecommerce Store

Customised After Purchase Emails

Automated MailChimp Emails


Key features: shop, compare page, product disclaimer
Platform: WordPress
E-commerce: WooCommerce  


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