Website Overhaul

Photographer & Educator
Epic elopements | modern + quirky weddings | loved up humans  

Oh Wild had an existing ‘DIY’ website but felt like it was time for a revamp as Miranda moved from photography as a side-hustle to photography as a full time business.  

 Being a photography website, it was important to ensure the images were the star of the show. The design of the website was kept minimal with a monochrome colour palette to ensure Miranda’s beautiful images were shown off.  

 A shop was recently added to the site to allow the sale of Miranda’s new preset range. As these presets are digital downloads, and Miranda has plans for more digital products in the future, SendOwl was chosen for the e-commerce platform as a reliable and easy to use option.  


Key features: portfolio, shop, IG landing page
Platform: WordPress
E-commerce: SendOwl