Why I moved to a 4 day work week

Last month I moved to a four day work week.

*insert applause*

I know, right! If you know me this is actually a big deal. I find it really hard to switch off so for the past few years I've been pretty much working all.the.time.

After a very up and down 2018, I knew 2019 was going to be busy. I was already fully booked for the first few months (yay!) and I had so many ideas for things I wanted to do with the business. After two weeks away over Christmas and New Year I was refreshed and ready to go.

And then January happened. This quote did the rounds on Instagram at the end of January and I can safely say I’ve never found a more accurate representation of how I was feeling.

January was a tough year but we made it

After one month, I was honestly feeling the same way I did at the end of 2018.

The thing was, I knew February was going to be even worse. It is a shorter month, and I had a lot going on personally as well as all my client work (weddings, hens weekends in Sydney etc.)

By the end of February, I was burnt out. I had spent absolutely no time on my business (I think I posted on my social media a grand total of five times over two months) and actually found myself feeling so stressed out about work, I wasn’t enjoying it.


Things needed to change.

If I was going to make this a sustainable business in the long run and not have a complete breakdown, I knew I needed to make some drastic changes.

Now I've tried all sorts of routines and schedules over the years but to be honest I stick to them for about a week and then go back to my old habits.

So I decided to make a big call. I would move to a 4 day working week. Yep, I would take an entire day off for me.

First of all I had to work out which day would be best. I decided on taking Fridays off so that I could feel like I had finished the work for the week and would actually be able to switch off.

I also...

  • changed my client contracts and contact page to reflect the new changes.
  • popped an out of office auto-responder email on for Friday and the weekend explaining my hours.
  • sent an email to my clients explaining the changes and asked them to keep this in mind when allocating tasks
  • rejigged my week so that everything would be done by Thursday

My "rules" for the day were I could spend a few hours on Lorraine Virtual things. I could check emails and Trello but couldn’t respond to them. And I would take the whole afternoon off for me.

The first few Fridays were hard. I felt like I couldn’t really switch off. Spending time on Lorraine Virtual actually felt like work and I’d still respond to a few client things here and there.

By the last Friday of the month, I started to finally feel like I was slipping into a good routine. I actually didn't do any work for the e n t i r e day. I did some housework, took a trip to Kmart, gave my bedroom a mini makeover and spent the afternoon sewing for the first time in over six months.

I had forgotten what it was like to not work / think about work all the time. And I absolutely loved it.


What I noticed / learnt

There were a few takeaways from this first month of four days a week.

  1. I need to be really strict with the no working at all on Fridays. This is how I've slipped back into old habits before.
  2. The world doesn't end when I am not working (I know shock horror)
  3. I am actually craving my Fridays off by the end of the week
  4. The best one...I am actually happier and more content with my work


I still do a little bit of work on the weekends, but I'm hoping the more I can utilise my time during the week, the less time I'll need to spend working out of hours (baby steps!)

Have you ever thought about taking a 4 day work week? How would it change your business?

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how you can move to a 4 day work week
This is why I moved to a 4 day work week

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