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Kelly initially got in touch with us to make a few on-page changes. After a more in-depth discussion, we realised this needed to be a much bigger project with an updated website layout and a move of backend systems!

We overhauled the website layout and moved her course, emails, and bookings off of Kartra (which was proving to be too clunky and messy) into better systems, which all worked together to provide a smooth user experience.


92% of users access Kelly Martin Sleep Consultant via mobile (and are sleep-deprived!) Therefore, we needed to ensure the user experience on mobile was intuitive and easy. This included a clean layout, easy-to-search blogs and a better booking system.

Client Questionnaires

Client questionnaires were previously sent as a Word document that needed to be downloaded to be filled out (many would print and send back via photo)

The aim of moving these onto the website was not only to make it simpler for people to fill out these questionnaires but also to utilise some of the information provided in future email correspondence.

These are then emailed directly to the sleep consultant the client has booked with, meaning less admin.


Swipe up!


Email Marketing & Booking System

Email Marketing and the booking system were moved from Kartra to ActiveCampaign and Acuity respectively. Kelly and the team needed greater flexibility, which Kartra could not provide.

The website, ActiveCampaign and Acuity all speak seamlessly to one another and have allowed for a much nicer and smoother user experience.

This move also allowed for greater personalisation of the after-booking emails and follow-up emails sent to clients after their consultation.


My dream team of the tech world! I'm so grateful for their support and troubleshooting guidance and building these incredible website platforms. These absolute legends have made my dreams a reality.

Kelly Martin


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