May 14, 2019

Is Pinterest right for your business?

I’ve had a few questions lately from small biz owners wondering whether Pinterest is right for their business. So I thought I’d share an insight into what businesses Pinterest works really well for.

I’m just going to preface this by saying you can still have a presence on Pinterest if your business doesn’t fit into the categories below. It really depends what you want to get out of the platform! Read on to see what I mean…

What is Pinterest?

I think it’s important first and foremost to talk about what Pinterest really is. There is a misconception that Pinterest is just like other Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook…

That’s right! Pinterest is not a like a normal Social Media platform. They key to success on Pinterest is to think of it more like a Search Engine. Just like Google, it uses keywords to bring up search results.

What businesses benefit most from Pinterest?

  • Online service based businesses (VAs, Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers etc.)
  • Online product based businesses who ship worldwide
  • Bloggers, YouTubers, Influencers
  • Businesses based in the US

Why? Because they have a worldwide audience reach. There are over 250 million users on Pinterest with 75 Million of them from the US alone. Compare that to the 290,000 Australians on Pinterest and you can start to see why only some businesses truly benefit from this platform.

Therefore, if your business is a location specific business (i.e. café, bricks & mortar store, online store that does not ship worldwide) Pinterest will not have as big an impact.

I’m sharing two Pinterest client stories with you today to show you how Pinterest works better for some businesses than others.

The Florist

I worked with a florist late last year and completely overhauled their Pinterest account. I also managed their account for one month.

They started off with around 1-2K views per month. After the overhaul, they were up to around 50K views per month. By the end of the month with me managing their account, they were up to over 150K views per month with some of their pins getting 50+ repins.

Sounds amazing right?

I mean, yes, we grew their account an amazing amount in one month. However this did not translate to more sales. Why? They were a bricks and mortar florist and although they do have a website, they only service the Adelaide region. Considering there are only 290,000 Australians on Pinterest the amount of people from Adelaide on Pinterest seeing their pins is very minimal.

If the aim of the game is increased leads and sales (which is was for this particular business) businesses who operate in a specific location (that is not the US!) will always see limited results. Therefore Pinterest may not be the right strategy for them.

The Instagram Marketer 

I recently set up an account for a client of mine who works as an Instagram marketer.

When we started she was on 2 views a month (no content) After we completed just the set up alone, she was already on 12K views per month and she had seen an increase in not only traffic to her website but also business leads.

Because her businesses is completely online, she can work with anyone no matter their location. Pinterest is perfect for her business because she can tap into its worldwide audience.

I’d love to know…do you use Pinterest as part of your social media strategy?

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