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Linktree – the first tool that allowed you to link to multiple links from your Instagram bio. With Instagram only allowing one link, it is so important to utilise it to the best of your ability. I discovered the wonders of Linktree last year and have loved the flexibility it gives me to link to the content I want to share with my Instagram followers.

However there have been people talking in the Facebook groups I am in for a little while about why Linktree may not be the best move for your business if you have your own website and alternatives to the ever so popular service. A couple of reasons for this…

1. If you are very much into analytics for your website (which I think you should have a basic knowledge of so you know where you target audience lives etc.) Linktree comes under ‘other’ and does not show up the true source of the links (aka Instagram.)

Now, you can see some analytics in the free version and there are many more analytics in the paid version, but why pay $$ per month when you are already paying for a website that can do it for you?

It can also impact your google ranking etc. as people are not necessarily clicking on the links to your website (if you have links that send people elsewhere)

2. You may have seen that recently Instagram started flagging accounts with Linktree links and you were unable to access them. Linktree had this back up and running in a day or so however what’s to say something similar might happen again? The more control you have over your own content the better instead of relying on so many 3rd party platforms.

It is sooooo easy to create your own Instagram landing page from your website and that’s what I’m going to show you how to do today*.

Create your own Instagram Landing Page

Set it Up

1. Create a new page and call it ‘welcome’ (or something similar)

2. Select ‘Blank Template’. Some themes will come with this option and some will not.

NB: If your theme does not have a ‘blank template’ option, you can use a plugin such as ‘Blank Slate‘ which will automatically add code into your back end files to create a blank landing page.

3. Let’s create your logo/profile image. In Canva (or your chosen graphic design software), create a template that is 300 x 300pixels. Search for the circle image placeholder and place that on your canvas. Then upload the picture you want to use and pop it in the circle.

4. For the buttons, there are a couple of ways you can do this. Some themes come with buttons but you want to make sure you are going to be able to make them the same size.

If your theme doesn’t come with a button feature, you can create them in Canva (or your chosen graphic design software) and upload them as images to your site with link. Or you can install a free plugin like MaxButtons which makes it really easy to create a button and place it on your pages or in your posts.

5. Here is how I have set up my buttons in MaxButtons. You can play around with how you want them to look / sizing but I found these worked really well for me.

Let’s Build It!

Let’s go back to our welcome page to actually start designing the Instagram landing page.  You can just do it in the backend editor but I prefer to do it using a page builder such as Beaver Builder.

1. First of all you want to insert your picture. We want this to be thumbnail size (which may look small on your computer but will be perfect for your phone / tablet) The reason we made it a bit bigger in Canva is to ensure the resolution was high.

2. Now you can add your buttons in and link to the respective links. MaxButtons makes it really easy to use one button template for multiple links. You are able to add it straight into the page without the use of codes or shortcodes. (Tip: If you do use MaxButtons just refresh your page after you save / publish it and the buttons will appear)

3. Lastly you want to add your social links down the bottom. Just use the social links widget that you use for your website.

And that’s it! You can check how you page responds to different phone sizes with something like Responsive Design Checker. The best thing about building it yourself is you can make it fully customisable to your branding / needs. Maybe you want to use image instead of buttons? Or add an email sign up form underneath the buttons, and have the social share icons up the top. It is completely up to you!

Would you like me to create a page for you? After quite a lot of demand I have added Instagram Landing Pages as a service.

**This is specifically for WordPress websites. As long as you can create a landing page, you should be able to create on for yourself. Here is a great tutorial for creating a landing page on Squarespace.

**I am not affiliated with any of the programs or plugins I have mentioned in this blog post – these are the ones I have tried and tested myself.

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