How to best use the Question Sticker on Instagram


I’m sure at some point over the last few months you have seen a business use the Question Sticker on their Instagram stories. When it first came out in July last year, there was an overload of “Ask me a question” stories popping up everywhere.

Annoying? Yes. But actually this sticker is a gold mine for businesses when used effectively. That is, by putting some strategy behind it and not just “Ask me a question”

So how do I use the Question Sticker?

1. Open Stories by clicking on the camera icon in the top left corner.

2. Select your background. You can use a plain background, photo or add it to your video.

3. Click on the sticker icon in the top right corner and choose the “Questions” sticker.

5. Type in your question where it says “Ask me a question”

6. Pick a colour and post your story!

6. Soh pretty! Now you just need to wait for the answers to appear.

Answers will show up in your notifications. You can also access answers via the original post by swiping up (like you would to see the analytics.)

You can share responses from here too.

1. Click on “reply’ underneath the answer you want to share

2. Click on “Share Response” when prompted

3. Select your background. You can use a plain background, photo or add it to your video.

6 ideas for using the question sticker effectively for your biz

1. Q&As

You can be as broad or specific here as you like. Try to make it interesting and relevant to your audience. This is a great way to share more of the behind the scenes of your business.

Examples “Things you’ve always wanted to know about Lorraine Virtual”
“Questions about self-care Fridays”
“What do you want to know about starting your own business”

2. Feedback

Maybe you are thinking about launching a new product or service. Instead of asking “What product / service should I bring out next” do your research and get specific.


“I’ve been thinking about bringing out a course for Social Media…what would you like to see”

Tip: If you have a long question or want to give context, type it out in your instagram story and then use a short version for the question sticker..i.e. for the above it could be “what would you like to see in a Social Media course”

3. Give Advice

This is the perfect tool for you to share your expertise. Give your followers a chance to ask you questions about your products / services.

Example “What are your burning questions about Social Media Management”
“What have you always wanted to ask out xyz product”

Chances are, there are others who have been wondering the same thing. Maybe you can add these to your website FAQ Page as well.

4. Get to know your Audience

What better way to connect with your audience than by asking them a question. This is such a great way to boost engagement and shows your audience you are interested in them too.


Ally from Allyaide did this perfectly the other day when she asked

“When and where are you going on your next vacay”

She had so many responses, and took the time to choose a photo from each location when she shared them, which made me feel really special!

5. Launches

The questions sticker is the perfect accompaniment to your next launch. Open up the floor for your audience to ask all of the questions about your new product/service/course etc. This is another great way to promote your launch without it seeming like you are boarding people.


“What questions do you have about our new subscription service”

6. Instagram Takeover

This is a great tool for the popular Instagram takeover. It allows your audience to interact with the person who is taking over your Instagram. Prep your audience the day before by promoting the takeover and getting them to ask the questions. Your take-over person can answer them the next day!


“Susan from Not So Lazy Susan will be taking over our stories tomorrow! What questions do you have for her?”

Short version: What questions do you have for @notsolazysusan

Have you used the Instagram Stories Question sticker yet? I challenge you to try it out this week if you haven’t!

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